/ ____|
| |  __
| | |_ |
| |__| |
 / _ \
| (_) |
 _ __
| '__|
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
  __ _ 
 / _` |
| (_| |
 _ __  
| '_ \ 
| | | |
|_| |_|
| |
| |
      ___    ___    _ __ ___  
     / __|  / _ \  | '_ ` _ \ 
 _  | (__  | (_) | | | | | | |
(_)  \___|  \___/  |_| |_| |_|
Reverse, Repurpose, Resolve

Back from holidays. Shredder time!


I'm back from my holidays and the routine is the same as other times: turn on my home services, open the windows, launder my clothes (well, half of them since part of my luggage went lost in the belly of some plane) and stack all the papers in a heap to trash them together.
We differentiate our waste, so paper is easy to find and the time I’ll put it on the road is very predictable. If Eve would like to do some dumpster diving she’ll have an easy task to accomplish. So, let’s look at my bunch of papers.
The most interesting is the folder from my travel agency: it contains the biggest part of my documents.
The contract for the trip, contains the amount due, my personal data and the same for my travel companions. It has a big number on the top that is the only thing needed to interact with the tour operator by phone. There are our phone numbers and my travel operator agent’s mobile. It contains information about my disabilities and special treatments required. There are departure/return dates, my location day by day and where I’ll sleep. There are flights and train details. There is my signature at the bottom.
On another document we have the parking information for the airport: it contains the parking location, my car plate numbers and my code to open the gate (I suppose it is a one timer).
There is a big 40 page pack containing the insurance conditions: I suppose it does not contain any personal information since it is a scanned version of a 5px font size paper document, re-printed in low quality. There is no way to read anything from it. Very secure indeed.
There are two tags for the luggage, each printed with my personal data, phone and email.
There is a printed copy of my visa request, with full personal data, trip data and … a copy of my passport.
There are several pages detailing my stay at destination, with phone numbers and addresses to refer to when abroad.
There are two vouchers (again with my data and travel references) to move from/to the airports and hotels (unused).
There are my plane eTickets, with PRN, personal data and location on the plane.
By the way, my real passport was sent for the visa to the embassy and I recovered it at the airport (it travelled around for 40 days): it was enough to spell my name and my travel buds’ to have the passports back, no check of any kind needed.
Added to the travel agency stuff I had some other papers. The one from the airport baggage handler when I went to declare my lost baggage. Again it contain all my personal data, the description of the luggage, a list of each article inside (really?) and its value, the code to open the combination lock and the key (attached to the original doc kept by the handler) to open it (for “customs” inspection...). I should have called in some days and tell them where to deliver my luggage, only thing needed was the ID printed on that paper.
I also added an extra trip requiring two trains. The paper tickets contain my personal data (again), trip data (of course) and the last four digit of my credit card, plus expiration date and circuit. There is my ID on the reservation system also.
There are several receipts of purchases here and there, each containing details of my electronic payments and one the name of the medicine i bought.
That’s a wealth of information about you, your trip and your fellows. A lot of bad things can happen giving it away so let’s power up the paper shredder and begin creating confetti!

Paper shredder